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Unreal Ed 3 - Adding to Your Room [Print this Article]
Posted by: Bill
Date posted: Feb 23 2003
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Description: Part two in my tutorial series
Unreal ED 3 - Adding to Your Room

This tutorial covers:

- The Second room
- Lighting properties
- Weapon & Pickup placement
- Lifts
- Ambient sounds
- Sound FX

In this tutorial we will expand the level that you made in the first tutorial to include a second room, a corridor and a lift - with sound!

Open up the map you made in the first tutorial, if you didn't do the first tutorial for whatever reason you can download the .ut2 file here.

Firstly we are going to add a second room that we can link with the first using a corridor. Click on the cube button and set the settings to:

Height : 512
Width : 512
Breadth : 512

Click build and then close the build window.

To make sure the space between the two rooms is even click on the grid size menu and select a grid size of 16.

user posted image

Hold down CTRL and drag the builder brush with the mouse so that it is 2 major grid units away from the first room (top view). In the front or side view position the builder brush so that the floors of the two rooms are parallel.

user posted image

Hit subtract (CTRL + S)

user posted image

Now before we texture the new room we are going to add a corridor to link it with the first. Hit the cube builder button and enter these settings:

Height : 256
Width : 128
Breadth : 256

Align the builder brush in the same way as I have, and hit subtract.

user posted image

That�s our corridor done, now to texture to new room and corridor and add some more light.

Instead of opening the texture browsers, we can texture the corridor with the same textures as the first room very easily. Holding down ALT right click on one of the walls in the first room, then (while still holding ALT) left click on the walls of the corridor. Do the same for the floor and ceiling. The textures in the corridor are not aligned to the ones in the first room, to fix this select one of the surfaces in the corridor (LMB) and then press SHIFT + B to select all the surfaces in the corridor, then hit F5 to enter the surface properties window. Under the alignment tab, click on face and then click Align.

Now the walls are lined up but the ceiling and floor are not the same size as the first room. To fix this select both the ceiling and floor (LMB + CTRL) and hit F5.

Under the Pan/Rot/Scale tab select 0.5 from the simple scale window and hit apply.

Now we can focus on the 2nd room.

If we were to texture the second room in the same wall textures as the first they would tile to many times on the Z-Axis and look pretty crap so we are going use a different texture for the walls that will tile better. Open the texture browser and open the HumanoidArchitecture package.

Keeping the texture browser open select any of the surfaces in the second room and hit SHIFT + B to select them all. Now, back in the texture browser, go into the bases section and select the bas02HA texture. Now we don't want all the surfaces to look the same, so exit the texture browser and used to ALT + LMB/RMB method to texture the ceiling and floor with the same textures used in our first room and corridor. If they do not align use the same method as we did before to align them.

user posted image

Your level should look something like this, this would also be a good time to save your work, so do so now.

Now before we go adding a lift and weapons to our map we need to put some light into our second room, the easiest way to do this is to copy the lights in our first room and reposition them. Holding down CTRL select the two lights and static meshes then hit CTRL + C to make a copy of them, then hit CTRL + V to paste the copy. Hold down CTRL and position the copies with the mouse.

I also added one copy of the light to the corridor to add some extra light.

user posted image

Now that our level is lit we can add some weapons.

Open up the actor browser by clicking on the actor browser button - user posted image

Scroll down the list and expand the xPickUpBase tab then select xWeaponbase. Close the browser and go into the 3d view point, right click on the floor of the first room and click Add xWeaponbase here. This will add a weapon spawn and align it perfectly to the floor. Next we need to define what weapon will spawn so right click on the weapon base mesh and select the xWeaponbase Properties option. In the properties expand the xWeaponbase tab at the bottom and select the weapon of your choice from the list. It's probably best we add some ammo for the weapon too so open up the actor browser again and expand the Pickup>Ammo>UTAmmoPickup and select the appropriate ammo for your weapon. Go back into your 3d view and place the ammo the same way you placed the weapon spawn.

Now you�ve placed the weapon spawn and the ammo, you might want to double check that they are actually sitting on the floor, occasionally they don�t align properly so make sure that they do.

So that's how to add weapons, now we�re going to add a higher platform to our second room and lift to reach it.

First we'll make the platform, bring up the cube builder menu and input these settings:

Height : 256
Width : 128
Breadth : 512

Position the builder block as seen in the picture below and instead of hitting subtract hit the add button (or CTRL + A) to the left of the subtract button, the reason we hit add is because we are creating a brush inside of an already subtracted space, so we have to add the brush back in for it to appear in the level.

user posted image

Once you've positioned and added the platform brush, texture it like I have in the picture below. If you have trouble aligning the texture you can refer the instructions earlier on in this tutorial.

user posted image

If you build the map and view in dynamic lighting you will see that the light on top of the platform is whiting out the wall opposite it, to fix this right click on the light, select properties and expand the lighting properties tab, then change the radius form 128 to 32. Rebuild the level to see the change. user posted image

Now we are going to add the lift to reach the platform, open the static mesh browser and go to File>Open and select the HumanoidArchitecture package. Under the Miscellaneous section select the mesh MGrate04HA. Close the browser and click on the Add Mover button to add the mesh as a movable brush.

user posted image

Position the lift like I have in the image below, I have also adjusted the radius of the 2 lights on the walls so that we can actually see the lift.

user posted image

Now to set up the lift so that it moves and makes a sound while doing so:

Double click on the lift mesh to bring up the properties, under the Mover tab set NumKeys to 2, MoveTime to 0.5 and StayOpenTime to 2. Now that we've set the defaults we need to set the lift positions, keeping the properties window open, Change the KeyNum setting to 1 and hit enter, and then with the properties window still open, move the lift up so that it becomes level with the platform, change the KeyNum setting to 0 and hit enter again.

Now we can add sound to our lift when it moves, in the lift properties window expand the MoverSounds tab and set the following properties:

ClosedSound - Sound'IndoorAmbience.clank1'
ClosingSound - Sound'IndoorAmbience.door4'
OpenedSound - Sound'IndoorAmbience.clank1'
OpeningSound - Sound'IndoorAmbience.door4'

Rebuild your map and give it a play

That about wraps up this tutorial, again, any questions/tutorial requests/death threats, e-mail me at [[/EMAIL]

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Posted By: Chrono5788 on Sep 27 2004 at 19:40:05

For the static mesh, it's actually in HumanoidHardware.

For sounds, go into the Texture/Static Mesh/Whatever browser, then go to Sounds tab at the top, then File->Open and chose IndoorAmbience. Once you select the right sound, go back into the properties box for the event you want to assign the sound to, and click the Use button.

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