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Debugging in Visual Studio .net [Print this Article]
Posted by: Shimms
Date posted: Apr 26 2003
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When TAE made the move from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio .net one of the things I had to re-configure was the debugging settings.

Although Adrian wrote a tutorial on setting up debugging in Visual Studio 6, and it does translate into .net vaguely, this one is a step by step walk through of how to do it.

First of all open up the configurations manager to ensure you have a Debug configuration setup:

user posted image

Once you have done that, open the Solutions Explorer, go to the top of the list and right click on your project. From the popup menu, select "Properties"

user posted image

This should launch the Property Pages for your selected project. The .net properties pages are totally different to the Visual Studio 6 pages, this is where most people would have gotten lost.

In the Configurations folder, select the Debugging node. We're only worrying about the Action section at this time. The Command field is the path to hl.exe, so go ahead and fill it in. The Command Arguments are arguments you wish to supply to the above Command field. That's stuff like enabling the console etc. Finally set the working directory to the path in which Half-Life is stored.

user posted image

Next we need to tell it to actually build debugging information. We do this from the Linker folder, Debug node. Just set Generate Debug Info to 'Yes (/DEBUG)'

user posted image

With that done, Debugging has been setup. To start you debugging session, hit F5, and you may be prompted with a message telling you that your configuration is out of date. Don't worry about it, it just means you have made changes since your last Debug. Click the Yes button to build your dll.

user posted image

When Half-Life starts, you will be told that hl.exe contains no Symbolic Information. This just means if hl.exe has an error you can't debug that file. It's easier to click the "Don't show this dialog again" check box and continue.

user posted image

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