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Debugging in Visual Studio 6 [Print this Article]
Posted by: omega
Date posted: Apr 26 2003
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Debugging in VC6

This article was originally written by pink.
While porting it to the new site i decided to make some new pictures; and mention a few extra things.

Open your HL SDK Workspace. (For me, with Defiance both the server and the client are in the same workspace; this makes editing and debugging a -LOT- easier, because i can switch between either dll whenever i need to, without needing to have two instances of VC loaded.)

Go to Build - Set Active Configuration
user posted image

Set the Active Configuration to either server (hl) Debug or Client (cl_dlls) Debug, depending on which you wish to debug; and assuming you have both dlls in the project as I do. (If you only have one dll in the project, choose it!)
user posted image

Hit ALT-F7 to go to your Project Settings
user posted image

Go to the Debug Tab, now:
user posted image

Where it says "Executable for debug session" point it to your hl.exe
Where it says "Working Directory" set it to you Half-Life directory
Where it says "Program Arguments" set your command line parameters there. I use:
-console -game flf2 +maxplayers 6 +sv_lan 1 -w 800 -notopmost -dev -sw +map omega
NOTES: -sw runs HL in a window, so if you got a old Voodoo based card, the only way you can run it in a window is by running software mode
-notopmost keeps (should) hl from staying ontop if it breaks out, or crashes.

Now on the Category drop down list, change it to Additional Dlls
user posted image

Add both your server and client dll, and make sure both are compiled in debug mode; this will save a LOT of hastles, especially when you're not sure if its the engine, or one of the dlls thats not functioning correctly!

Hit Ok

And now just hit F5 to beging your debug session

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Posted By: Unknown on Nov 12 2007 at 18:11:14
I kow this is not good place for troubleshooting but i get error mesage
and when i click ok
I m a noob to coding and i realy wanna learn something!!!
+i did everything exactly like u sad in tutorial!Edited by Unknown on Nov 12 2007, 18:14:51

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