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UI Tutorial #3 [Print this Article]
Posted by: IoN_PuLse
Date posted: May 05 2003
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Description: Images for buttons
Ok to basically outline what this tutorial will entail, I will show you how to change the main menu of Quake3, specifically changing the ďEXITĒ button into a BFG explosion two-frame animation. Simple? Actually it is. I recommend you read my previous tutorials before attempting this one, if you want to understand absolutely everything. Hereís what you need to do first, near the top of ui_menu.c:


#define ART_EXIT0      "models/weaphits/bfgboom/bfgboom_2"
#define ART_EXIT1      "models/weaphits/bfgboom/bfgboom_3"
// Image locations


#define ID_EXIT       16

Then right below that comment out

    menutext_s  exit;

And instead put

    menubitmap_s  exit;
// tells Quake3 that youíre using an image not text

Then scroll down and find MainMenu_Cache and add:

    trap_R_RegisterShaderNoMip( ART_EXIT0 );
    trap_R_RegisterShaderNoMip( ART_EXIT1 );
// caching of the images defined above

And last but not least (most important part actually) comment out the follow like I have already done:

/*  s_main.exit.generic.type    = MTYPE_PTEXT;
    s_main.exit.generic.flags    = QMF_CENTER_JUSTIFY|QMF_PULSEIFFOCUS;
    s_main.exit.generic.x     = 320;
    s_main.exit.generic.y     = y;        = ID_EXIT;
    s_main.exit.generic.callback   = Main_MenuEvent;
    s_main.exit.string      = "EXIT";
    s_main.exit.color      = color_red;      = style; */

And below paste:


    s_main.exit.generic.type  = MTYPE_BITMAP;
// image, not text  = ART_EXIT0;
// first image to display, when the mouse isnít on it
    s_main.exit.generic.flags  = QMF_LEFT_JUSTIFY|QMF_PULSEIFFOCUS;
// flags
    s_main.exit.generic.callback    = Main_MenuEvent;
// what menu to issue the command in     = ID_EXIT;
// the ID for what the button does when clicked
    s_main.exit.generic.x      = 300;
// x coordinate
    s_main.exit.generic.y      = y;
// y coordinate
    s_main.exit.width    = 70;
// image width
    s_main.exit.height    = 70;
// image height
    s_main.exit.focuspic   = ART_EXIT1;
// image that it flashes to when the mouse is over it

You donít need any extra pk3ís for this, just compile the source and run Quake with the fs_game command or selecting the folder in the MODS menu. Now you have a nifty BFG explosion for a quit button =)

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