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Plagiarism [Print this Article]
Posted by: omega
Date posted: May 14 2003
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Description: .. and why it needs to go.
Alright, since launch we've now had two people submit tutorials that they DID NOT WRITE.

This cannot continue. If you wish to post a tutorial, make damn sure that it is YOURS. We don't have time to search sites all over to find out if they are yours or not, however if this continues to happen we will be forced to impose much greater restrictions on what you may post.

Remember, plagiarism is unethical, and only makes you look bad. However, once you post it on OUR site, you make US look bad as well as yourself.

So Please, PLEASE make sure you do not "accidentally" post something you don't write.

There will be no more warnings after this.

Update by Bulk

I'm very saddend people think they need to rip off other peoples work in order to get their name on this site. Please remember folks, if you put the hard work in people will love you all the more for it. I have updated the site guide with a note on plagiarism. The updated text is included below.

A note on Plagiarism

We will not tolerate it. Stealing someone else’s work is not only totally wrong in every single way; it makes you look bad, and makes us look even worse. Anyone caught posting someone else’s work as their own without permission will be immediately banned from posting anything else on the site and the forums. We will be doing random spot checks for plagiarism from now on, so don't think you won't be caught.

Secondly we cannot post any articles if they weren't written by you, but you credit the person who did. We don't know that they want it posted on our site - so the original author MUST do it them selves. If you know a tutorial you think should be on our site, contact the author and point them our way, don't post it your self. This is a less severe form of plagiarism, so will not result in a ban, but neither will it get posted - so don't bother.

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