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Finding Leaks Using Pointfiles [Print this Article]
Posted by: EarthQuake
Date posted: Jun 06 2003
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Description: Find those annoying leaks the easy way!
How to Find a Leak Using the Pointfile.

This guide is intended for everyone but I do require that you be familiar with Half-Life.

Admit it. We all get leaks in our levels sometimes (unless we're Jake), and there has been an easy way for people to find those leaks, but not enough people seem to know about this. The key is the pointfile generated during the compile process. It's extension is .pts, and it must be in the same directory as your map, because is vital to finding your leak. Make a shortcut to Half-Life and change the command line to something that should look like this:

"c:/sierra/half-life/hl.exe -console -dev -particles 10000 +map yourmap"

Where 'yourmap' is the filename of your level without the .bsp extension.

When the game loads you should notice that the level is full bright because hlrad.exe (or qrad.exe) did not run. If it is total dark, then type "r_fullbright 1" to allow yourself to see. Go into the console, and type "pointfile"; it should then say that a certain number of points were drawn.

Now, close the console and you should see a line bouncing off the walls. Follow it until you find the end. If it seems to disappear in and out of walls you may have to use "noclip" to be able to see where it goes. It should point to the exact spot of the leak.

Here's what you should see:

user posted image

Try downloading my sample level and finding the leak on your own. I bet you won't user posted image
Make sure you have the .pts in with the .bsp. Now, load up the map with the command line from above, and type "pointfile". It will draw the line to the exact spot".

Download Here

This method does not work 100% of the time, especially if you have multiple leaks. Ususally, if that was the case, then it would help you find them one by one. This guide is provided "as is" with no warrenty, and is correct to the best of my knowledge. If it screws your computer up then neither myself, nor TheWavelength.net is responsible for it. (Just some legal stuff)
Questions? Comments? Email me: earthquake@realsimpsons.com



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Posted By: Bertie on Sep 03 2004 at 21:36:57
Having an entity outside the map causes a leak. You won't see it with this method.
I suggest a faster method, works 100% of the time: "load pointfile" in the hammer menu. The red line goes directly to the problem.

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