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Freezing a Player [Print this Article]
Posted by: -+Arcadian+-
Date posted: Jun 16 2003
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Description: While shooting a weapon (easy)
This article explains one way of freezing the player while shooting a weapon. x-0ut explained how to make it work in irc so he deserves the credit for it. user posted image I'm going to do this with the MP5 as an example.

#1. In the definition of your weapon's class (usually in weapons.h), add this variable into the private section:
float m_flFreezeTime;   // Arc - Freeze Player Timer

This just sets up a variable for your timer.. it will equal the current time plus 2 (or any amount of time you choose to freeze the player.

#2. Now in your weapon's C++ file (mp5.cpp in this case), add the following to its Spawn( ) function:
void CMP5::Spawn( )

    m_flFreezeTime = 0;

#3. Next, add this to its PrimaryAttack() function:
void CMP5::PrimaryAttack()

    // Arc - Freeze Player for a few seconds

#ifndef CLIENT_DLL  // Have to use #ifndef so the client dll will compile.
    //The code between the #ifndef directive and the #endif directive is only
    //compiled if the constant name that is specified has not been defined previously.
    //(this was copied from the hl source)

    m_flFreezeTime = gpGlobals->time + 2;  // m_flFreezeTime = current time + 2  ( 2 = how long to freeze the player)
    m_pPlayer->EnableControl(false);      // this freezes the player ... simple enough
#endif   // end the #ifndef CLIENT_DLL

#4. Then lastly add the following to its WeaponIdle( void ) function:
void CMP5::WeaponIdle( void )

    // Arc - Freeze Player for a few...

#ifndef CLIENT_DLL
    if (m_flFreezeTime && gpGlobals->time > m_flFreezeTime)    // Check if we're timing and if the freeze time is up
        m_pPlayer->EnableControl(true);      // unfreeze player

Thats all. Now when a player fires the gun he will be frozen for a few seconds unable to move.
Of course you could freeze a player anywhere at anytime you want. user posted image -+Arcadian+-

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Posted By: GuTeR on Oct 15 2003 at 03:28:10
hehehe very nice i may change sum stuff to make it so that u can freeze pplz :p

Posted By: MIFUNE on May 11 2005 at 18:00:55
I have implemented it into my mod Zion Warcry. Thanks Arcadian. Nice tutorial!! :)

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