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Animated Movies using Half-Life 2 [Print this Article]
Posted by: Bendit
Date posted: Oct 13 2003
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Gabe Newell has confirmed that the Source engine can be used to create animated movies.
I was curious about the potential of the HL2 editing suite and the Source engine. If a team was able to create sets and characters and script the action, etc. would the Source engine be able to render this as a movie? If so, would it be possible to set it so that Source renders it not in realtime but at whatever rate is needed to achieve a set level of detail? I was inspired by part of the E3 demo video that the Source engine might be an ideal platform for CG videos, sort of like a garage version of Pixar.

Gabe Newell:
Yes you can set the framerate to whatever rate you want and render frames accordingly.

Source: hl2files.com

Details such as how the video will be saved (will the output be saved to a video file or will you need a separate application to record game footage?) have yet to emerge, but this is interesting news nonetheless.

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