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Creating alpha blending textures. [Print this Article]
Posted by: Bill
Date posted: Dec 07 2004
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Description: How to create an alpha blending texture.
Blend textures are primarily used on displacement maps to create smooth transitions between two textures, e.g. grass and rock on terrain.

Creating your own blend texture is a very simple process, the first step is to choose the two textures that you want to blend together, if you're going to be using existing Half-Life 2 textures the best way to choose them is probably to fire up Hammer and open the texture browser, find two textures that you want to use and take note of their names, for this example I will be using nature/rocks_red_grass and nature/grassfloor002a.

Now the first step is to create a new VMT file in your materials directory, to do this create a new .txt file and rename to something like blend_dirtgrass01.vmt. Now open up this new file in notepad and enter the following:

"$basetexture" "nature/rocks_red_grass"
"$basetexture2" "nature/grassfloor002a"
"%keywords" "nature"

As you can see, $basetexture and $basetexture2 specify which materials you want to blend together, there are other variables/peramters that you can add to this VMT file just like any other material, I will be covering more aspects of VMT creation in later tutorials.

So save the VMT and open up Hammer, type in your keyword or the name of the texture and your new blend texture will be there ready to use on your displacement maps. Enjoy! :)

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Posted By: SilentSounD on Dec 08 2004 at 06:16:28
nice job :)

Posted By: SoUlFaThEr on Dec 10 2004 at 04:10:28
oh man thanks a lot for this bit of info! rock on

i cant wait until some genius writes the complete shader explanation tutorial and all the uses of all those damn shaders! what a mess im wasting so much time trying to get stuff to work and id rather be mapping :(

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