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Making Bots Join A Team [Print this Article]
Posted by: DOOManiac
Date posted: Feb 05 2005
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Description: Make the bots join whichever team you wish. So easy, even I can do it!
I finally did something own my own, so I figured I'd celebrate my progress with the SDK by sharing.

The bots added to the SDK are good for some debugging when you just need someone to stand there and be shot at, or if you just have some time to kill.

Note: Yes, I'm aware there is a bot_sendcmd command, however AFAIK that one execs on all bots, meaning it'd be tricky to have some bots on one team, some on another. That's what this tutorial is for...

Before we get started, this tutorial assumes you've already got teamplay working, and you're using the standard pPlayer->ChangeTeam() to change the team.

Okay, here we go:

First, open up sdk_bot_temp.cpp

Find BotAdd_f() function (around line 121)

Right below the part where it sets bFrozen based on a command line arg, add this:

 CODE (C++) 
    // Added by DOOManiac
    // Look at -team
    int team = TEAM_REBELS;
    team = FindEngineArgInt( "-team", 1 );

This code will look for a '-team' switch in the bot_add command and then get the argument for it. Pretty simple stuff.

Next, a few lines down find the call to BotPutInServer( bFrozen ) and change it to:
 CODE (C++) 
BotPutInServer( team, bFrozen );

Now find CBasePlayer *BotPutInServer( int team, bool bFrozen ) around line 84, and change its definition:
Change: CBasePlayer *BotPutInServer( int team, bool bFrozen )
 CODE (C++) 
CBasePlayer *BotPutInServer( int team, bool bFrozen )

One last step, still in the BotPutInServer() function find the call to pPlayer->ChangeTeam( TEAM_UNASSIGNED ) and change it to:
 CODE (C++) 
pPlayer->ChangeTeam( team );

Now compile and run the game, and in the console type bot_add -team 1 or bot_add -team 2 (this could change depending on how your enumerations are set up)

That's it.

See? I told you it was easy.

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