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MechMod Souce Code Released [Print this Article]
Posted by: grOOvy
Date posted: Jul 25 2006
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MechMod, was a popular Half-Life 1 modification which had shut down almost a year ago. After two years of development and achieving an alpha release, the entire source code has now been released to the public. The Open Source initiative is a brilliant one, and helps community programmers to learn from each other’s projects. MechMod’s source code is now freely available to download from the SourceForge Network under the Open Source License (version 3.0).

The mod features many visual effects (including usage of pixel shaders for blurring, glows and realistic water) which were considered revolutionary at it's time of release, as the same were achieved on the Half-Life 1 engine. Some of the other systems that the mod implemented from scratch include classes, teams, animation, particles, custom scores, HUD display, VGUI menus loaded from JPEG format, flying movement with boosters, a basic melee system, and a vareity of different weapon types.

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